:: picky me ::

stumbled upon this quote while pinning in pinterest and somehow it just fits. i just turned a year older last month and realized that this year i have been super picky. like wtf is that? i hardly go out nowadays, i choose people whom i wanna spend my time with, i appreciate more of my me-time, i love even more my us-time (with LVDV of course, who else!) and at some point im sometimes really quiet on social media platforms. i sound old dont i? LOLs. 

i like to think of it as ive evolved. u know, changed in good way to become more powerful and stronger. now i sound like a pokemon or something plak dah. but i dont have to elaborate much u guys understand right? im not lost or anything like that. i just changed. and i love my change and im going to embrace it. 

it's already half a year (with me only posting 2 posts...urgh!) and it's all good. even-though there are some issues that needs extra attention, i am still in believe that something good will come out of it soon, inshaAllah. i have learned to walk-away from toxic people and i have also learned to forgave who-ever that mistreated me. im human, you're human. no one is perfect. so takpe lah. i keep my circle small but plenty. i noticed from the circles, i have good friendships, alhamdulillah. most of them are 10 years above and counting. no kidding, we're old guys. 

sekianlah sesi bebel. i just wanted to write something but i didnt know what. if i waited until i know, im pretty sure that would be next year in Feb. haha. i hope hope hope (crossing fingers) that i will make time to blog more soon. like apa yang susahnya, bukak laptop and type your thoughts away! duhhh~  

oh btw, Selamat Hari Raya everyone! Maaf zahir & batin tau...okbye.


:: hipstur terpaksa ::

it's always the case, when u need to rely on something so much, that thing just had to disappoint you...and in my case, it made me face the day dengan muka selamba. LOLs. so here's what happened to me:

monday morning woke up with dengan selaput taik mata dekat mata kanan. dalam hati dah terdetik, oh no adakah i ols sakit mata? but since it was the first day of the week, so kita pon berfikiran positive la kan....cannot be la. must be my eyes were too tired last night sebab main Gardenscape lama sangat on the phone. husnuzon, konon.

all day my eyes were red. went to the pharmacy and the pharmacists said confirm sakit mata. seshhh...mesti berjangkit from mama. on saturday i brought her to the clinic sebab sakit mata. confirmlah berjangkit walaupon i already said the mantra 'kau sakit mata, aku sakit b***t'..arwah nenek punya petua. Hehe..Pharmacists kata 'you ahh cannot wear lenses for at least 1 week straight okay?'...sis akur. mata nak pakai lama kan...so terpaksa lah!

actually at home, i wear my specs all the time since outside im always in my contact lenses. so since mata macam tak brapa nak sihat ni i decided to just wanna slay my specs for the whole week. my cat-eyes specs are not that ugly. duhh~ as usual next day bangun n masuk toilet nak mandi, letak la spec tu at the usual place and ntah macamana kelam sangat ntah aku mandi pagi tu, i kinda knocked the rack and down came falling some shampoo bottles along with my specs. to my surprise, it broke! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! 

to be honest this not the first time spec tu jatuh. selama ni elok je maintain sado spec aku nie, but on the day i had to rely on it the most....sobs. sobs. stared at the tangkai yang patah for 5 mins thinking, camno nak pakai benda alah nie today wehh? dugaan betol...*sigh* 


nah! pakai jugak! pakai spec tangkai sebelah ala2 hipstur terpaksa. #sisredho. LOLs. seminggu beb. SEMINGGU! it kinda looks trendy serious tak tipu and i did get some attentions from people yang usually akan toleh tengok me twice when they noticed it. hahahaha. im back wearing my lenses now. memandangkan im a choosy picker for specs (this one is a 5 year old spec btw) therefore i obviously belom bought a new one. soon kot, inshaAllah.