:: an earlier rise for 2017. konon ::

last year 48 hours ahead. this year it's a week ahead of 2017. i really wanna say it's an improvement but in my head im shouting to myself "improvement WAK LUU!!" ... i swear that is my other Gemini side. LOL.

i am concluding my 2016 as a year full of drama.
amazingly none are from me. hahaha. tahun ni tak sedikit pon ku melatah. it's either i couldn't care less or old is catching up on me. either way, kesemua drama2 itu telah membuka mata dan mendewasakan ku. cewah. some menyakitkan hati, some made me laughed my ass off and some had me crying inside for days. some lupa and move on. some had me rolling my eyes often. some left me speechless. yet also some bila triggered balik dia punya geram boleh buat rasa nak caruts berbakul-bakul. life is full of surprises kan? 

work and business macam roller coaster. the swings and up & downs are very unpredictable. it's a challenge i tell you. to be honest, at moments memang ada rasa nak give up but thank God i didn't. as a matter of fact, im exploring to a new business soon! here's a hint; it's related to snow. hehe. i am praying hard for this. this shall be my baby. my other business dah turn into toddlers. so yeah...very looking forward to it. will announce once everything is in place. omg..i just remembered i owe a post about my MGPA. terlupa giler. dah setahun terlupa. bhahaha. im writing that down in my blogposts topics for next year now. 

life with LVDV has been...private. im not much of a give-away of how we are anyways. i don't believe in showing the world your personal relationship status on a daily basis in social media. that's bullshit and attention seeking. u want the person to want only you, so why the hell are u sharing him/her with the whole world? pffts. bila orang lain berkenan karang ko marah. ye dok? skali skala tu tak apa laaa...occasionally. i know it feels nice being appreciated online but trust me nothing beats being appreciated face to face. it may not be daily (it's our 4th year..so yeah) but at least it's personal and not shared. we still have so much to catch up with each other and at the same time grow together and individually. i am very very very thankful i have LVDV in my life right now. and i hope for many years to come selagi jodoh tu ada. we're a total opposite but somehow we keep each other sane.

this year, my proudest achievement was definitely Sempoi Charity. i am very grateful beyond words for this team i have. the smiles when we deal with orphanage/under-privileged kids and the thank yous we get when we meet up with homeless people is just heart-warming. it's eye opening and we hope we can do more in the next year. inshaAllah. we're open for more volunteers to join our cause tau just in case ada yang interested. 

on health, i am drinking more water now. and by water means no sugar good old plain water. i eat in smaller portion. and by smaller means LVDV tukang abiskan makanan ku. haha. i exercise often. and by often means in my dreams. LOL!! but wait, let me tell you one thing.....i've bought sport shoes!!! tadaaaaa!! terkejut tak? **insert emoji terkejut disini*** aku sendiri pon terkejut weh. hahahaha. it was on sale. good bargain. tried and beli terus! it's not pink but turquoise blue and purple. bought it 4 months ago and still in kotak. kah! kah! kah! the day i rasmikan will be the day my sepapats will bahan me for 6 months straight. i mean they're counting days macam bakal buat kenduri pon ye gak. lepas dah beli tu baru one of them (who is also a PT) told me that exercise only contributes to 5% of your weight loss. hah! i shall sarung it one fine day in 2017. just wait and see.

looking ahead to 2017, i pray for health of myself and beloved ones. i pray for wealth (dimurahkan rezeki) for family, LVDV, friends and everyone who is reading this dengan niat rezeki itu untuk dikongsi. i pray to challenge myself to pray on time. **gasp!** i pray for guidance in life. i pray for expansion in business. last but not least, i pray to travel jauh skit daripada M'sia (for free maybe!) sebab this year we did not had any time to do so! dang! u have no idea how much i am missing spring!! 

oh well, see u soon 2017. mwahs!