:: picky me ::

stumbled upon this quote while pinning in pinterest and somehow it just fits. i just turned a year older last month and realized that this year i have been super picky. like wtf is that? i hardly go out nowadays, i choose people whom i wanna spend my time with, i appreciate more of my me-time, i love even more my us-time (with LVDV of course, who else!) and at some point im sometimes really quiet on social media platforms. i sound old dont i? LOLs. 

i like to think of it as ive evolved. u know, changed in good way to become more powerful and stronger. now i sound like a pokemon or something plak dah. but i dont have to elaborate much u guys understand right? im not lost or anything like that. i just changed. and i love my change and im going to embrace it. 

it's already half a year (with me only posting 2 posts...urgh!) and it's all good. even-though there are some issues that needs extra attention, i am still in believe that something good will come out of it soon, inshaAllah. i have learned to walk-away from toxic people and i have also learned to forgave who-ever that mistreated me. im human, you're human. no one is perfect. so takpe lah. i keep my circle small but plenty. i noticed from the circles, i have good friendships, alhamdulillah. most of them are 10 years above and counting. no kidding, we're old guys. 

sekianlah sesi bebel. i just wanted to write something but i didnt know what. if i waited until i know, im pretty sure that would be next year in Feb. haha. i hope hope hope (crossing fingers) that i will make time to blog more soon. like apa yang susahnya, bukak laptop and type your thoughts away! duhhh~  

oh btw, Selamat Hari Raya everyone! Maaf zahir & batin tau...okbye.