:: im not gonna lie ::

okay. okay. okay.
im not gonna lie. sebab lying will just make things worse. right?
okay fine. i totally forgot to update. no, i forgot i had a blog. bhahahaha. super lame giler excuse ku tapi at least im not lying....

saw Gyena's blog post on her jalan2 trips kat timeline FB baru laa tersedar diri like "eh, when was the last time i updated mine?" ..bila check hambek kau. bulan 8. rasa macam loser blogger giler.

well, im not gonna lie and make promises that i cant keep. semoga lepas nie ku tidak hilang ingatan lagi pada luvtanya.blogspot ini, hehehe.

if ure wondering how im doing, syukur alhamdulillah, i am sihat walafiat and kinda busy. a lot has happened and a lot more is gonna happen in the near future. i made a nazar which i have to tunaikan. inshaAllah, i will. so far so good.

besides that, im happily ever after with LVDV. we complete each other in a lot of ways. not only we finish each other sentences but we also finish each other's food too. senang giler jaga dia. cukup makan, cukup minum, cukup tido, cukup io n cukup urut kaki...all is well. kan syg? (i know ure reading tis)

okay got to go for now. my hair is wrapped in honey n telor kuning. salon time. til i write again ya? dont put ur hopes high. maybe new year nanti. hahaha, kidding. soon laa...inshaAllah.

thank u readers for not unfollowing. i appreciate it much. big virtual sloppy cheek-kiss to eone! xxox!