:: Kazakhstan backpackers ::

last Friday was just another Friday for us. bangun pagi, tapau breakfast and head on bukak kedai. me and LVDV then went straight to Publika to do our laundry pick-up. (yes, we do laundry delivery door-to-door okay!) on the way back, we saw 3 backpackers on the highway trying to get a ride. u know somewhere near Pusat Sains Negara tu. we drove by like any other cars who didnt stop. the i blurted out breaking the silence in the car, "kesian diaorang kan? macam takde je orang yang stop" ..LVDV then said "tu lah, i pon pikir benda sama. kita u-turn lah" ...i swear, im so lucky to have a partner who has the same thinking as me. so, we u-turned twice and caught up with them. 

rolled down the car window and asked, "hi. where are u guys heading?" ..one of them answered, "Melacca" and we we're like "okay, we'll drop u off at the nearest bus or train station". the other one then menyampuk " no. no bus. no train. by road to Melaka" ..aku ngan LVDV dah pandang each other. derang nie nak jalan kaki ke gi Melaka? bapak jauh siot! kitaorang terdiam jap. then the only girl, Kate showed us the google map to Melaka. baru paham. they wanted to hitch a ride to Melaka! pikir punya pikir since we were heading to back to Bukit Jalil, dropping them off kat highway Sg. Besi was the best option la nampaknya. so, naiklah berhimpit jap dalam kete the 3 of them. 

as usual, ill do more of the talking. interviewed them a bit. fefeeling reporter jap. they were backpackers from Kazakhstan. it's their second week in Malaysia. they've covered many places since they arrived. Salah satunya was Taman Negara in Pahang. aku pon blom sampai lagi wehh! basically, they travel samada tumpang orang or by foot. imagine they've been to Cameron and Penang. gigih. serious gigih. they're heading to Melaka and then back to KL then to Penang and then to Thailand. they aim to cover the whole of South East Asia in 6 months. how fun is that? 

me and LVDV got totally inspired by them. kalau ikotkan hati, let's just sell off everything and travel the world! i wish!!!! but at the moment cannot laa.. gila kau. business is growing. reality check skit. cannot just drop everything and leave ye tak?? nevertheless, travelling is still our main goal. seriously we cant wait for our next adventure. backpacking and all. i think our fate to meet up with the 3 backpackers was just a sign for us. stop planning properly. just go where your feet will take you. or in my case, where the car/plane/bus/train will take you. i dont have proper shoes to walk jauh-jauh. LOL. but also cant help to think that if ever we needed a ride while travelling, ada tak rasanya orang tolong? shall we try? eh.

of course i made friends with them. of course i exchanged contact numbers. and of course la they are already in my instagram list! hahaha. still excited that we had a chance to help them out. and still thinking how tempting it is to travel and experience life and other culture. before leaving them with their mission to Melaka, we sempat snap a picture. if ada rezeki, harap jumpa lagi. inshaAllah. :)

please ignore my Friday no make-up look. giler sembab muka. 


:: aunty june ::


this conversation took place about an hour ago. 
but aku still blom move on gelak.


that's my Maksu by the way.
and this is pretty much quite a normal dialog between us.
terus hilang mengantuk aku petang-petang nie. haha.

if u wanna see her in person, 
sila lah jenguk Meet2Eat at Laman Selera Stadium Kampung @ Kg. Baru.
she's there everyday. sebut je Maksu.
orang yang paling blur kat situ - that's her. LOL.
im yet to blog about her food-place. selalu lupa. bila teringat about it usually pinggan dah licin.
soon laa ekk? but everyone can follow their ig @meettwoeat k!
nak sambung gelak about Aunty June sat. bye!


:: sepapats - wedding ::

ever since with LVDV, my "cousins" has grown into a bigger family-tie. i often refer them as my sepapats. last weekend, one of them tied the knot! alhamdulillah... majlis went well. and by well i meant everyone behaved so bagus that it was such a smooth sailing event with probably really minor hiccups. but seriously, who knew co-hosting a wedding was such a hectic thing! (we totally knocked-out after majlis.haha).

macam biasalah, selaku sepapats yang paling matured, i had my kememe moment during akad nikah. since we're on the groom-side, elok je Tok Kadi said 'sah.alhamdulillah' and angkat tangan for berdoa...aku angkat tangan tutup muka sebab ayaq mata dah takleh nak stop mengalir. haha. pusing muka sket nak coverline konon then ter-tentang mata ngan one of the Aunt, she terus nanges plak. adoiii...mama nieeeee. at least she had a tissue in her hand. i just had to belasah my tudung lap hingus. -_______-"

we had a whole year of planning....and if u read our whatsapp group conversation, confirm tepuk dahi. sebab nak decide color for baju reception je took us nearly 3 months to decide. i kid u not. hahaha. maklumlah we had more sepapats girls than sepapat boys. paham-paham je la ekkk.

from the bottom of our hearts, me and LVDV feel so happy for Faiz and Aqmar. still remember the first time we had their 'wedding-diskusi' at our house. i cooked and we had a loooong discussion. daripada rumah over blackpepper udon bawak sampai ke Asia Cafe over lala kecik. from dewan majlis venues ke door gift issues. we had that list (and berlambak referral magazines) u know. LOL. one meeting after another...days passed. weeks passed. months passed. now they're married! phew!

my doa for them is to forever care and love one another, masa susah and senang, masa sakit and sihat. may they always have each other to talk to about everything under the sun. may they sleep in each other arms even after they have lotsa babies. hehehehe. aamiin.

now, another wedding is coming up exactly 11months from now. another sepapat. erm, first of all, i think i need a new tailor and second of all, can we start discussing the color first korangggg... :P