:: #moviereview La La Land ::

The hype was over. Actually we couldn't find any time to go and watch it. Until both lil brothers gave their reviews about the movie, I just had to go jugak-jugak and watch it at the cinema. Loved. Every. Second. Of. It.

It wasn't like any other love story. It was deeper than that. For me.

There was Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) who kept on bumping into each other lives on different accasions. Dua2 pon confident level tinggi they wouldn't "like" one another. But orang kata, kalau jodoh tak ke mana...they did. There u go, that scene alone had me rolling tears down my cheeks. It didn't make sense (to some people) how flying in between stars and dancing around in the clouds potrayed as falling in love but for me, it did. Yes, im a sucker for that kind of love. Haha. So, then life took over and both had dreams that they wanted to achieve. But life isn't always like we planned it to be. Dreams became just working for a living and love became just being in a relationship. Drifted away and in the end it was over.

For those yang belom tengok yet, let me tell you the last 20 minutes was crucial. Do not move and just sink in. I cried my mascara off ...no kidding. And my sobs lasted sampai habis ending credit sampai jalan ke luar hall. Omg, it was so relatable i couldn't explain it. My eyes were on the screen but my head was having some major life throwbacks. I knew I didn't cry because Mia married someone else. I knew I didn't cry because Sebastian's dream to save Jazz music came true. But i cried because of the choices they both took and how life would have became different it they chose the other option. Superb ending of a concept redha. It is haunting me la weh!

Can't help but to make me wonder, what if once upon a time ago i choose differently? Would have i regretted it? It's not my thing to look back at life but there are some days you gotta take a peek just as a reminder. The hurt, the scars, the words, the looks, the emotions, the whatever you faced to be who you are today. And after all that, if you can still manage to smile a little that's where u know, you're okay and life must go on.

The OST takyah cakap la...best giler! I never knew Emma Stone could sing. Hehe. And hello, they had John Legend too. What's not to love when he sings aight?

So this is a must watch under #LuvtanyaLovedThis movies list. Boleh ke bagi 100 bintang? Haha. I can't wait to repeat it again....jom?