:: ty neyyy ::

im usually known as Aunty Meow to kids. well, not my kids. my sister's kids and anak-anak kawan-kawan yang lain. mainly it's because im known to have a house full of cats and i love giving kitty-soft toys as their 1st pressie from me. so yeah, im Aunty Meow. 

my two nephews, Afif Aydin and Afkar Amzar (also known as AAboiis in the family) had no problem at all calling me Aunty Meow since they were babies. it just fits you know. but then, came little pwincess niece Asha Ana Tiara.....and she keeps calling me, 

"ty neyyyy!" >>> AUNTY NENNY! 

i gasp! No Asha! No! Aunty Meow, say Aunty Meow. "ty neyyy!" #facepalm..at times i feel like singing 'i-got-it-from-my-momma' song u know. it's pretty normal for some people (yang rabun maybe) to say i look like my mom but little niece ACTUALLY stating the obvious is too much man. no matter how many times u correct her, is kenot.

i gave her a nickname Tijah Junior sebab she is totally like arwah nenek. muka, rambut, perangai semua. and her nicknaming me is her revenge i think. haha. 

ever since i started to wear hijab, she no longer acknowledge me as Aunty Meow. im guessing it's because i wear mama's tudung most of the time when i see her. so she gets Nenny Jey's aura probably. pffts. really Asha? i dont even wear the same style as Nenny la kenit oiii...tsk!tsk!

despite her calling you whatever she thinks of, you will also find yourself singing to Disney princess songs somehow. LOL. habis data aku bukak youtube sing-a-long to Princess Elsa, Moana, Rapunzel and Belle. Even had my wordings wrong singing unplugged of Aladdin's A Whole New World, Asha didn't care at all. Janji it was a princess song ~ she is a happy baby singing a long in her own baby-words. 

but then after a while i succumbed to her. like i no longer kisah whatever she calls me cause since she's so freaking adorable at age 2, she melts my heart everytime. and when you spend time on her that much, at the end of the day you will be greeted by a sloppy and very pouty muncung panjang wanting to give u a kiss on the lips.  bukan sekali ya...tapi berkali-kali u ols! of course u cannot declined the kiss sebab selagi ko tak cium, selagi tu la muka dia ber-duck-face in your face. haha. really, so much loooooveeeeeeee la tis lil one! 

but seriously guys, look. i dont look like Nenny kan?