:: thank you 2017 ::

is it just me or memang everytime approaching new year everyone tetiba datang rajin nak blog something. and by something means your-konon-upcoming-resolutions-for-next-year. okay fine, i admit. it's just me actually. gosh!

last year, i was a week early. this year, sort of a month! amik kau. haha. apakah? actually i drafted this piece early in December tapi half way je. sekarang baru datang mood nak sambung. apakah nak jadi dengan kau Tania oiii...smh. every single year ive been saying 'this year has been crazy'. honestly, im just saying the truth sebab it is. technically, it's crazier than the previous year. i mean, i don't think there will ever be a year where ill say. 'this year is okay-okay je la. biasa2 jerrrr' ..nope. not gonna happen. sebab every year is not okay. ada je kejadian. and it's like that because that's just how life is. 

2017 has marked as one of the many sad moments. lost a few souls that was very very very VERY close to heart. i cried a lot last year due to this. nevertheless, kita yang hidup nie, life must go on. but ill always keep them in my prayers. recite surah yassin for them whenever i can. i believe they are in a better place now. al-fatihah.

i have also moved back to KL from Puncak Jalil. it was a hard decision to make but it was definitely the right call. it took time to adapt (and still am!) but it's all good. alhamdulillah. ada la pros n cons, which is entirely normal when life is adjusting. and i am trying my level best to be accepting the challenges. angkut all my cats and a few kittens too! 10 months dah now, sometimes i miss PUJ very much but in KL im very much nearer to my family and friends. some i meet-up every week in fact.

i wore hijab, permanently. Alhamdulillah. 

i befriended a long lost friend again. like 7 years lost okay! which technically was an answered prayer for one of my besties. it was one of her continuous dua's to have us talking to each other back. ill write another post on that soon but yeah, i think i didn't burned any friendship-bridges last year. it was a total opposite sebab i actually made more friends. believe it or not, throughout the year i added 100 new facebook friends. (facebook gave me this number, harap maklum) half of them i know since school n college days, the other half are new friendship through networking. 

but above all, my oh-my-God-are-you-serious-okay-you-are-im-gonna-bet-on-it thingy in 2017 was....i accepted a vacancy offered to me!!! yups! yups! yups! yes people, i am back in office life zone after so long....like 6 years long. im actually blogging from my office desk. about this too, ill update more details soon. aku pon macam tak percaya but i am not kidding. please visit COVER4U now guys. LOLs. 

thank you so much 2017. 
i am utmost grateful for those 365 days you gave me.


so, 2018. nice to meet you, darling.