:: slowly but surely ::

so, i've been busy guys. for the past 7 months, i've been busy. so busy i feel like slapping myself after realizing my last post was early this year. now, it's 3 months away from new year. errr...i guess the best thing to say is, look how time flies when you have a life kan? #facepalm. 

but truth to be told, im hardly "online" anymore. on social media. on whatsapp aku sentiasa online. that's more for work. on average probably, 3 bulan sekali update status on fb, seminggu skali update instagram and selang sehari im on twitter. look how bersawang my blog is? gosh! adakah ini faktor umur? or dah berjangkit from LVDV? dia memang couldn't be bothered with all this stuffs at all. i dunno. 

but one thing for sure, im not the same person anymore. online that is. i carefully pick my words nowadays for my captions and statuses. i also carefully choose the pictures of who's who i wanna post online. kalau dulu hentam je, tak pikir. now, not all pictures i post even-though i want to. walaupon those pics are pretty nice. sound kedekut much kan? but when you've read about this thing called 'evil-eye', trust me u will think twice. 

however i miss blogging. at one time i used to blog almost every week. i reaaaaaallllllyyyyy should get back to it. let's hope and pray i will. bhahahaha. actually, so many things to share about. i  mean, this year has been cray-cray! so many things happen, so many changes took place. nak start cerita daripada mana pon tengah still pikir. slowly but surely soon. 

for starters, let's just say...assalam everyone, im back! ;)