:: my Sempoi rezeki ::

Salam Ramadhan. i know it's more than half-way through but tetap nak wish. i dont care. hehe. finding time to sit and blog properly is such a headache lately. i sometimes think i lost track of time hence the salam-ramadhan-dihujung-almost-bulan but most of the time im pretty sure i keep everything well planned. and obviously, plan tak pernah menjadi. oh well. life.

what made this Ramadhan different from before was the fact i was given the opportunity, Alhamdulillah, to be a part of an awesome cult. okay kidding. takde la cult....gilo kau! it's more like a friendship-team collabration. we did Sempoi Iftar 2016 and created Sempoi Charity dengan secara tak sengaja. you know how sometimes orang cakap borak kosong means nothing? i beg to differ. our borak kosong menjadik wehh! i feel very grateful. truly i am.

Sempoi Iftar 2016 was a majlis buka puasa with anak2 yatim Rumah Tunas Harapan Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Kuala Selangor. before iftar sesh besides doing some activities, we bawak the kids shopping baju raya. then after selesai berbuka and all, we had a short bunga api time with them, super fun and super heart-warming seeing their happy faces. even the teachers had fun. hehe. we also went to HKL's Kids Cancer ward to give out some goodies and lauk berbuka for the children, their parents/family and doctors and nurses kat sana. the day was just perfect for my Sempoi Charity team. alhamdulillah. thank you to friends who donated for the cause. you know who you are. thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

i remembered chit-chatting with LVDV a while ago. i said this year, teringin nak get involve with charity. little did i know, i had a chance to organized one with a group of friends. aint life is full of surprises eh? God works His way miraculously in menunaikan ones hajat. syukur. and the best part of this is that we are not just gonna stop for only one event. we will inshaAllah, continuously  work together and contribute back to the needy. semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan oleh-Nya. aamiin.

an on-going thing we are doing every 1st Friday of the month is giving food to the homeless around KL area. if ada anyone yg interested to join as volunteers or nak give donation of food/toiletries ke apa, kindly refer to our facebook page: Sempoi Charity k. all infos are there.

tbh, i don't see it before but now i do. rupanya rezeki doesn't come only in wang ringgit. rezeki comes in all forms. rezeki sihat tubuh badan. rezeki dapat luangkan masa with family. rezeki berkawan dengan ikhlas. rezeki kongsi ilmu dunia and akhirat. rezeki sentiasa disayangi orang keliling. rezeki hati yang tenang. gosh...the list could go on and on and on. untuk semua itu, terima kasih Tuhan, now i feel so guilty sebab asyik2 cakap blom ada rezeki this and that. padahal rezeki lain yang melimpah-ruah nie kita perasan pon tidak. the air that we breathe is also our rezeki. daily. bersyukurnya tidak, komplainnya berlambak tinggi gunung. im saying this to myself, mohon jangan terasa. but if the shoe fits. silakan. eh.

i hope, rezeki untuk blogging akan datang lagi. serious case la aku nie. banyak benda dalam kepala otak nie nak say-it-out-loud but tahap malas nak bukak laptop, nauzubillah. nie bulan yang takde setan, so nampak tak genuinely memang the problem is diri sendiri. pffts. before i leave, just nak inform air mangga kat pasar juadah Bandar Kinrara is to die for!!! okbai.