:: rindu ::

i fell in love with the song.
we had to drove 2 cars for a few days so it's pretty normal when i drive alone, my playlist will be the one yang teman me. radio off. and this was on repeat.
nak kata rindu kat LVDV yang tengah drive blakang me karang muntah pulak ye dok? haha. but then i realized one thing about RINDU. 

it's always the first thing.

bila start a new relationship, rindu is the first thing kita rasa dalam hati. kita rindu orang tu if tak jumpa or call or text. bila ada rasa rindu tu laa..we feel as-if we're in love. sebab rindu will make u realize adanya feeling sayang tu.
bila the same relationship is on the rocks, rindu is the first thing yang akan hilang. kita takkan rasa apa-apa when the person is in absence. kita tak heran langsung pon actually. sebab kita dah tak rindu at all. no rindu no relationship. that's a fact.

rindu is a serious matter. 

have u ever rindu someone sampai nanges? one of my friend recently called me and cried over the phone, sebab rindu this guy she was very close to katanya. the moment her voice cracked and confessed to me about it, i knew her feelings was for real. rindu yang dah jatuh sayang.*sigh*

another friend i think totally lost her rindu feeling towards her partner sebab all she ever mentioned was how she prefers to stay at the office even after office hours. she said she has no feelings anymore but actually there's nothing at home for her to rindu-kan about. *sigh*

rindu is a powerful feeling.

sebab tu la agaknya when it comes to soalan-soalan like "u rindu ex u tak?"..the jawapan of either yes or no boleh jadi bahan gaduh. haha. sendiri tanya sendiri sentap. wtf. when you're in a relationship, bila rindu is more than love, then you're in a big trouble missy. that's where insecurities comes in and mess with you. your rindu feeling is so powerful sampai tak tahu nak bezakan realiti and history. 

tapi ada juga some people walaupon orang tu depan mata pon dia rindu. camno tu? for new relationships, like mine, i think it's called the process of falling in love. gittew. new kah? bhahahahaha. but seriously, it is a part of strengthening the love. so the love feeling will eventually be more than rindu. but too much pon tak elok sebab to be overdosed of anything is memang tak elok. susah nak explain but it is as it is. i think you'll understand what i mean. 

the song i posted has nothing to do with the blogspost pon.