:: im alive ::

two post away. then it's February dah. how time flies...errr. now let me tell u my progress 48 days into 2016. i got myself a Snapchat account. bhahahahaha. progressing right? 

3years ago, Aishah asked me to download the apps. my first visit to Sydney masa tu. but i did not do it. why oh why. could've been the pioneer kan? shessh! if ure gonna ask why i created an account, dengan jujurnya ill answer probably im sick of facebook and instagram. make sense right? i mean my timeline sucks big time most of the days. so far Snapchat is kinda fun. more like a daily vlog. since it's real-time posts, it's really entertaining actually. kemonnn...watching RubyRose live updates. haih..such an eye pleaser! 

ive catched up with some people on my list from previous post. best! i mean, meeting up n catching up with people is an eye opener. had a reunion last week with my SPM-batch from SMTBM. all mommies (except me)..i surely learned a lot about breastfeeding! hahaha. plus after years of separations, everyone grew up and actually turned out to be successful dalam bidang masing2. Alhamdulillah, for someone who has so many schools, i have more reunions to look forward to. at times, LVDV will be like "reunion ngan skolah mana plak nie?" hehe.,can't help it. kalau bukan jadi orang yang attend, ill be the person yang organizing it. 

im also back to blogwalking more often. i swear it's for the sake of my own motivation. don't get me wrong, i love blogging but apa yang ada dalam kepala otak nie are all sensitive issues. kalau aku blog kang kene kecam. camno? i used to be that kind of a blogger. USED TO. not anymore. akak dah insaf. cewahhhh. u wanna see me swearing at times? follow my twitter. lolz,

but on a serious note, i registered my own company today. i am my own #GIRLBOSS. alhamdulillah. so happy with myself, blanja diri sendiri cream-cheese brownies right now. boleh gitu? haha. today, i dont give a shit about others...it's all about me being happy with me. life has been good (despite the economy meleset issue) and i am thankful for everything and everyone who has been with me. i wish you all an abundance of joy in life. inshaAllah.

til i find time to blog again, here's my fav video of the week. i never recovered from singing her "I'm Alive" version kat Firezone Citta Mall last month.*drinks-up-air-asam-jawa*