:: #moviereview Langit Cinta ::

let's start 2016 with a movie review shall we?


after watching Dilwale, LVDV request nak pergi tengok Langit Cinta. sebab ada Fazura. *rolling-eyes* blom sempat nak krik-krik i said NO. it was almost like an auto-response thingy u know. haha. but then suddenly, my whole ohana wanted to go and watch. -________-" to my defense, i followed the majority. so there you go, took up the whole N row in TGV on the very first day citer tu kuar.

it's a love story in Pulau Perindu. lovely island. beautiful sunset. pretty Jah (Fazura) lives with her blind mother (Kak Ogy) and are childhood friends with Budiman (Farid Kamil). one day came Alif (Keith Foo) with his poyo dad. wanted to conquer the island but end up Alif fell in love with Jah. wpon ditentang family, they still got married and of course did not lived happily ever after.

nak dijadikan cerita, on the day Jah knew she was expecting their baby, Alif had to leave the kampong sebab his poyo dad was ill. he left in a hurry which lead to an accident on the mainland. thus, berbulan-bulan sampai la si Jah bersalin n all, Alif was MIA. rupanyaaaaaaaa......kalo aku citer memang korang takyah gi tengok langsung lah, hahahaha. therefore, go support our local film!  

jalan cerita, okay laaa. casts, okay laaaa. OST, superb. hello, Dayang kot! 

like any other drama-movies i will cry. this one also i cried. bila suara Dayang keluar, i cried harder! huwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......tak bawak tissue maka memang lencun la sleeve baju i ols. two parts to be exact, both parts due to Ogy. make sure u bring your tissue packets ladies! 

i dont think u will have an angau moment over Fazura (unlike Kajol in Dilwale....*girl-crush giler babs*) but lagu Dayang will be the next favorite break-up/love song. trust me. 

moral of the story?
perempuan memang akan tunggu for the love of their life no matter how long they must wait....and sometimes after all the efforts and love u show, u will still be in the friend-zone circle. i feel sorry for Man n Suzanna. *sigh*