:: starting early for 2016 ::

i re-read my first post for this year and i was 18days late. pffts. i decided to not let it happen again so therefore i am 48hrs (plus/minus) head-start for 2016. so proud. start early. so not me. haha.

so, 2015 was simple yet significant. as i wanted it to be in my 2015 new year post. banyak benda yang tak plan menjadik tapi as usual lagi banyak yang di-plan tak menjadik. i guess that's what you call a balance in life. apa juga rezeki yang didatangkan, syukur alhamdulillah. apa juga yang tak best tu, i try my best to learn something out of it. 

the saddest part about this year, was the passing of nenek in September. i swear somewhere in me havent moved on yet but i stay strong cause i know she is in a better place. i don't talk much about her since i get teary-eyes easily. masa b'day arwah recently, lil bro did a simple video compilation for the family. i cried sampai bengkak2 mata. im am THAT penyedih. nothing like arwah yang strong will. the only thing i probably dapat from arwah is her yummy recipe dishes. proud to say i can cook similarly like hers. and dulu etime she eats what i cook and say 'nenek suka Nya masak macam nie. good good'..aku la cucu paling bangga. alamak, airmata dah bergenang.*tarik nafas panjang* al-fatihah nenek...*sobs*

a not so sad part, losing friends this year was EASY. kau biadap. kau boleh pergi jahanam. gituh! at this age, i befriend people for their honesty in friendship. kalo ada perangai hasad dengki, perangai tak puashati, perangai baik depan2 tapi kutuk blakang2, nak perli2, nak up status fb, nak quote war, nak merajuk macam kiddie...please bear in mind aku tak kuasa nak layan. if u think i hadap nak berkawan with people like u, then im sorry, u thought wrong my friend. LVDV is one person who doesnt like making friends and now i think i start to understand why. some people are just not worth it. 

i traveled a few times this year and planning to travel more next year. hehehe, kalau economy mengizinkan laa...im expanding my muslim ground tour business to New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and Korea next year, inshaAllah. anyone interested to travel in groups can email me at tania.mgpa@gmail.com. ill probably give good prices for my blog-readers. hehe. 

2016, im looking forward to more blog-posts (i know i say this EVERY year). more money making business. more amal sedekah. more time at home (hello ohana!). more bonding with families and friends. more knowledge not only for dunia but also for akhirat. more being a better me. less time on the phone (LVDV is gonna be happy i said this). less drinking cold water. less eating carbs (goodbye fries!). less complaining. less online shopping. these are not resolutions tauuu, these are...err, guidelines? 

last but not least...to all humans and kitty cats, Happy New Year 2016!