:: i forgot to say goodbye ::

usually, she will wait. she will always be there when i get home. but ive been home for almost a month now. batang hidung dia pon tak nampak. *sigh* every day i pray she'll come home. obviously im living in denial right now because everyone in the house knows she wont. 

so i cry. quietly.  

she sits with her head up high. body solid straight. just like a tiger. hence i named her Tiger. dah la garang kemain. memang dia sepuk je sesapa yang dia tak suka. LOL. someone left her depan pintu umah in a shoe box. yes, a shoe box. kotak kasut princess if im not mistaken. i had no cat milk so i feed her with susu full cream Dutch Lady. amik kau sihat walafiat. 

she stayed with me in good times and bad times. ada extra rezeki harus i share it with her. usually on vitamins or good premium food. once or twice hantar pergi grooming, never to the vet. i told u she was sihat walafiat. not kidding wehhh...

she gave me many babies. most of them i gave away for adoption. to make other friends happy. she understood everytime i gave away her babies. ill talk to her nicely. she will just look back at me. understanding. 

sometimes i refer her to Mak Bonda. sebabnya dia macam mak kepada yang lain. any baby kitten she will feed her milk even it's not hers. lebih kurang macam aku je yang suka feed people food eventho i tak kenal. hahaha. gosh. so alike eh? and she cares macam anak sendiri. tido berpeluk kadang-kadang.

then i left for Sydney. hari yang paling kelam kabut in 2015 for me. and that was my biggest mistake. for almost 9 years having her around, that one particular day i forgot to say goodbye. im sorry Tiger.

least i know, that unspoken goodbye was a permanent one. 

and now, mommy misses u so so much... :'(