:: 25th Nov ::

this year 25th Nov was a bit quiet i must say. a few days earlier there was a request for it to consist only 'YOU&ME' ...aiyaaaaa. habis plan aku. *tepukdahi* but i calmly replied with a smile. of course. what else. i almost blurted the whining "but whyyyyyyyyyy" gesture. u know, with addition of battling eyelashes and all. but that didnt happen either. with all the seriousness in the voice-tone and all. smile Tania. smile. and say, 'okay'.

and the day went by as smooth as ever. quiet and smooth. total quality time together which i think it was due to perubahan umur or something. but amazingly, i think it was all that we needed. that time. that moment. that togetherness. that love. that understanding. that we are looking forward to more quiet birthdays celebrations together. we have each other and that is all. 

cliche giler tak? 
memang. but so what? it's true. paling awesome, i got a million of thank yous after that. and THAT was all what i needed. :) ..and owh, Happy Bestday Kamoo! #muahciked