:: a thousand years ::

got excited over Christina Perri the other day, so i posted this in my lovedbyluvtanya ig. i mean, my caption was saying the truth right? everyone basically knows that song. and once upon a time that song was dedicated to the person you were with AT THAT TIME. come on, if you're denying the dedication pon, well at least your partner must have perasan syok sendiri it was dedicated to him/her. self-claim gitu. or wish it was dedicated to us. we've all been there. there's nothing to be ashamed of.

then i tweeted this: "bila dipikirkan, mungkin bole jadi punca gado nie tapi...nahh, what a waste of time" ..and LVDV replied me this: "ok xyah pikir2...saya otw!" ..gilo. 

then i realised one thing, we have always been like this. from day one. playful. im pretty sure this part was developed during our friendship days. sebabnya, dulu...bebila akan terjumpa, the moment i see LVDV from a far i have this habit of jalan sambil ala2 skipping ke arah dia. dengan dia je aku buat perangai nie wehh...tak tahu la kenapa. couldnt remember masa zaman skolah i was like that ke tak. hahahaha. dulu jugak, bebila lama tak dengar khabar berita, tiba2 LVDV will call daripada office and berlakon jadi customer service punya orang. u know, just for fun. tanya aku dah bayar bill bulan lepas ke blom? dia kalo tak bully aku memang tak sah budak nie. tapi the moment dia tergelak sket je i knew who it was. pffts! my next ayat would usually be "u mimpi eh semalam?" ...pastu dalam berani tak berani jawab "haah"...ecececehhh! dalam tepon brani arrr!

even-though our status has changed but really there's something really strong about our friendship base which has brought this relationship to another level. seperti contoh, LVDV will never believe i have taken a shower (siot je..) or that im a mix breed of vampire+witch+fairy...kah!kah!kah! i will never believe everytime LVDV cakap takde anjing. sebab sometimes anjing tu ada sebenarnya walaupon it was sleeping. i should not get into much details takot ada yang terbelahak karang but what im hoping is that this playful traits will always be there between us.

while watching the concert, Christina Perri did sang the song. the crowd obviously sang-a-long...including me. then LVDV went "hah! teringat lettew!"..eleh, nak kenakan orang. "eh kau pon sama kan..,twillight was the last movie marathon YOU had".....krik.krik....sambung nyanyi. kan dah cakap mungkin bole jadi punca...tapi we laughed it off after a short while. we both know without the past, there wouldnt be any present moment to cherish and lagipon, who the hell cares anymore? hahahaha. i blanja a short videos i took dalam my keek - @peluvtanya okeh...u ols can go sing sesama. tapi jangan jadi punca tau!