:: ponytail ::

bila sorang kat Bukit Jalil, sorang kat JB and sorang lagi in Sydney. 
saturday night and this happened:

this is some sort of a normal sisterly conversation for us. you know in between the po paw penguins and fat cat mat and other discoveries that we are excited to bagitau each other time-time tu jugak...one thing to another then it lead to this:

that's my sister singing by the way.

then it was my turn to You-Tube Badanamu Ponytail.....and tak yah susah-susah. im sharing it here for you guys. im TOO excited. 

comel giler kan?
like comey tersangat amat kan? kan? kan?

"pppppppp ponytail"

yups...i end up singing to my sisters.
then my nephew Aydin sang it back to me.


okay tu je. kbai.