:: #moviereview Run All Night ::

i dont know what is my problem but the last few movies i watched, semua pon aku nanges. dah kenapa kan? i suspect it's a faktor umur thingy but im assuming hormonal imbalance sajo. kuangsam betol.

the other day, screening Run All Night. if ure a fan of Liam Neeson, you'll definitely love this movie. kalau selalu tengok dia selamatkan anak dara, this time dia selamatkan anak teruna. yang botak. and handsome. ehem.

technically it's a one night stand story. literally, memang dia run-all-night. hehe. it's about friendship and family and confessions. like really hard confessions. what got me was the friendship part. i mean, having your good friend dying on your lap..that's tough. especially when u were the one who shot him. oppss..

sengaja or not you will somehow compare this to the Taken series but this is different. sebab for the first time, he started off as a loser. dia tak jahat, just a loser. it took me a while to digest that. i was like...'why are u so weak?!!?'...but the moment anak dia masuk scene, terus sedap mata memandang. walaupon comot2 kene pukul. hahaha. okay fine, i have a thing for botak-men. kau kurang ajar pon ill be okay takpe...you're like kurang ajar n handsome. bhahaha. okay enuff of him, back to the movie....it's action packed all the way so there's no time for toilet breaks tau.

im giving it a 3 stars rating so weekend nie go watch!