:: #moviereview Focus ::

first of all, this movie is rated 18 for a reason. please do not bring your underage kids if u dont want them to see Margot's titties. *opps! spoiler alert* i mean, Will's hot bod is just fine but Margot is wayyyyyyy hotter! 

Focus is movie about penyangaks. okay kidding. a more nicer word would be con-man. tapi they are con-mans yang tersangatlah ohsem! literally, jaw-dropping ohsem. i mean, if u have an ambition to be one, watch this movie 50mil times. lotsa tricks i tell you. lots. 

but janganlah bijak sangat nak jadi con-man ye tak? the storyline is twisted between work + emotion. how feelings can actually effect oneself in work too. it's about distraction. it's about cheating. it's about lying. it's about trust. it's about letting go. it's about choosing. it's about love and family ( u will not believe who is the dad!) and how zalim u can be bila terdesak. it makes u think. what would you do? 

tagline: it's about focus. the brain is slow and it can't multitask.

dont worry u will not fall asleep watching this. it's a romantic comedy and it's witty. memang keje gelak besides amazed with the chemistry between the actors. i major love every dress Margot was wearing especially the floral one she wore in Bueno Aires. i need that for my beach trip. eh? 

catch Focus at the nearest cinema now! nah i ols blanja u ols the trailer: