:: #moviereview Cinderella ::

i grew up watching all Disney princesses cartoons movies. im an 80s baby...like hello! so when this came out (or any princessy-movie) i was excited! in my mind, dah embedded with the original storyline...u know...Cinderella waking up singing with the birds, Gus-Gus demok gedempol pakai t-shirt nampak perut, ugly step-sisters sorang kuruih tinggi sorang gemok pendek n her scary rambut uban step-mother who was old. well, she looked really old to me at that age, but nope. nan-hado dalam this version. 

this one, didnt have much singing as i would expect but it's definitely a fairytale. 'have courage and be kind' is Cinderella's mantra. no matter what people do to you, always be kind. and owh, believe in magic. who knows one day in time of need, you have a fairy godmother to the rescue. turning pumpkin into a beautiful golden carriage, mice into horses, rags into one of a kind dresses and flats into glass slippers. i bet in this millenium, she can turn paperbags into LVs. hehehe. minus the bibbati-bobbati-boo! eh!

Cinderella was pretty of coz. the step-sisters were not ugly but omg-annoying. the stepmom was evil-face elegant but she had the prettiest wardrobe. wearing all shades of greens. the prince was very prince-looking. hahahaha, with the hair and the charm. the cartoon version punya prince lagi handsome actually but this one was okay-laaa. my advice, girls if u wanna meet a prince, go and masuk hutan, i think you're bound to meet one. most fairytales ends up like that. into the woods! 

my favorite part of the movie, anytime watching Gus-Gus makan. he always ada food in his hand. comey! and one time the goose busybody jengah tingkap tengok what was going between Cinderella and her fairy godmother. hahahaha. if that was a selfie moment, he was totally trying to photobombed the picture! hahahahaha. but paling paling paling favorite part among all.....was before the movie. the 7mins Frozen moments with Anna and Elsa and Kristoff and Olaf and mini olafs! paling paling paling best sebab habis je i ols tepuk tangan. excited. i felt like i was 5yrs old for 7 and a half minutes. *grins*

well, you'll be leaving the hall smiling. happy ending obviously. i didnt cry watching this...phew! i suggest, have a girls-day-out session to watch this. then after that go for a coffee n cake session n girls-talk away from guys to love to fashion to make-up topics. mesti best! have fun!