:: #moviereview CHAPPiE ::

do u love robots? i love robots. i think they're super cool. 
well, if u do love robots, you will definitely love CHAPPiE. he's cool and cute! he is also probably the only robot gengster in history. who wears chains. u know, those thug-life ones macam dalam video clip hip-hop tu. yups, he's cool liddat! 

what's so special about this Ai machine is that CHAPPiE is r.e.a.l. and by real i dont mean humanly-real but it's as close as having his own human-like mindset. which means he feels emotions. since he is made out of titanium, CHAPPiE nie kira kat luaran keras tapi dalam hati ada taman...permainan. hahaha..comel giler. when he was activated he had a mind of a lil boy. he acted like a lil boy. he loves books and has a chicken-toy. he was born in a...err....acah-acah gengster family. im not sure if you know what i mean, but nanti dah tengok mesti korang paham lah! >.<

CHAPPiE 's self-claimed mommy is Yolandi and self-claim daddy is Ninja. i believe Yolandi's fashion style icon is Lady Gaga mungkin. her brother Ninja, was one of those kepala gengster yang berlagak pandai padahal ...nan-hado. if i were CHAPPiE's friend, ill definitely try and convince him to find another adopted parents. bhahaha. but CHAPPiE had no choice. they are so-called acah-acah but CHAPPiE loves them dearly. 

now, CHAPPiE's creator is Deon (Dev Patel). he's obviously a genius. he is also CHAPPiE's bestfriend. mungkin. yang tak bff dengan Deon is Vincent played by Hugh Jackman. now he is the not-good-we-no-friend-officemate-guy. he is also the i-jealous-boss-suka-kau-guy jugak. so u can imagine how hateful he is right? phewwww! i had a hard time menerima kenyataan Hugh Jackman as orang jahat. huwaaaa! im so used to his heroic characters. in here he's just like a mat rempit yang sado! pffts! 

overall, robotic or not bila scene sedih, i tetap kememe. apa nak jadi ngan aku nie..some says ending doesnt make sense but in an Ai world, i think it does. it has a lot of F-word and there was a blurred-porno on one of the gengster's tv screen. konon tak nak tunjuk laaa...censored. but hello, u didnt censor the sound they were making! *rolling-eyes* it's rated 18 guys...jangan bawak kids. they will be scarred like CHAPPiE masa budak. hehe. 

it's out this week at your nearest cinema! enjoy the movie!