:: #luvcooks Ayam Bercili Nenek ::

every week i have a session of sleep over at nenek's house. we take turns to jaga her through-out the night and early morning, lepas mandikan nenek and serve her breakfast we continue balik to our daily life macam biasa. every week without fail, i dig in some first hand recipes from her as well. bab masak nie i think i am more like nenek sebab i love simple dishes. the lesser the ingredients the better. hehehe. bukan malas ye..tapi anything mudah and ringkas has always been my thing in cooking. and baking too for that matter.

recently, i cooked dinner. sambal udang. actually nenek yang teringin, i just bought the ingredients. we cooked sama2 kat dapur. gigih nak jenguk jugak kuali even in her wheelchair. every week when i come over, if berkesempatan ill just cook something n bawak to her house. last week, dia teringin nak masak for LVDV. i gotta tell u, everytime time (without fail) she layan us makan sambil borak she will mention dia suka tengok LVDV makan. sebab bila LVDV makan sangat berselera. memang betol pon. tapi pelik, LVDV doesnt gain any weight at all. hoh!

so while cooking, i got hold of another recipe. i call it Ayam Bercili Nenek.

chicken cubes or ayam setengah sekor potong kecik2
cili boh or cili giling
bawang merah
bawang putih
asam jawa

how to:
1. bawang merah + bawang putih + halia + air skit ...blend all.
2. mix together with the cili boh/ cili giling dalam mangkuk. tumiskan skali dengan serai sampai naik bau and macam pecah minyak a bit.
3. bila cili almost garing add in chicken cubes n gaulkan rata. biarkan sampai cili garing.
4. masukkan air asam jawa pekat. if nak extra kuah, cairkan air asam jawa. garam utk sedapkan rasa.
5. bila chicken cubes are all empuk, it's ready!

brought some to nenek masa weekend. nenek kata 'ok.pass!'...woohoo!! she used to make this everytime celebrate birthday sesapa or during any kenduri masa kat umah keramat dulu. now, i can continue her tradisi. im a one happy cucu. *big-smiles*