:: #moviereviews: Dragon Blade ::

Dragon Blade. 
tajuk kental yet i ols kememe tengok citer nie. #tepukdahi
produced by the man himself, Jackie Chan played the role of Huo An. a man who believed in peace. 'turn foes into friends' ...wow. who knew citer lawan2 segala nie was about friendship. salute. 

im usually easily confused with movies yang banyak sangat characters, this one had 36 races in it. kau rasa? tapi main characters were Huo An, Lucius (John Cusack) and  Tiberius (Adrien Brody). Huo An nie penjaga Silk Road befriended Lucius who was saving the cutest prince ever from his evil brother Tiberius. 

mula2 semua pon la tak kawan. lawan sana lawan sini and a sand storm came. Lucius n his Roman troops had no choice but to berteduh at the Wild Geese city, which was under construction. in return of protecting their Roman army who had to fled for help to Parthian Empire, they helped to rebuild the city and became friends. sweet kan? masa celebration la i ols nanges. masa the little prince sang his national anthem ke apa. sedih tauuu...masa Jackie Chan nyanyi i didnt cry. sibuk baca translation. haha. 

it's about making friends, losing friends, helping friends, standing up for your friends and protecting your friends. enemies can also become friends. 'you make a friend today, you'll lose one tomorrow'....deep tau. 

so cuti2 panjang CNY nie takde apa nak buat, go watch la. it's out today. bukan slalu dapat tengok rambut Adrien Brody kepok2...his curls were nicer than mine. hoh.