:: #travelloveZ to Koh Lipe ::

Let me tell u this, i backpacked.
When i told my #soulsistah Shazna about it, she gave me a big WHAT? and a long HAHAHAHAHAHA. via whatsapp. pffts.

Among the things i learn living with LVDV is to keep things simple. Hence, let’s ditch those luggage bags and go for those backpacks. We did plan and talked about it but never knew we would just... you know, buy tickets and shoot-off. What a start for 2015...phew!

Ceritanya macam nie...

it was our LVDV-day. al-kisah encem boii demam masuk hospital, we had to settle him first. make sure dia ada babysitter. that being done, LVDV terus mcm "jom pegi check tiket bas nak?" ...i agreed. half-heartedly still tapi okay kan saja. with a lot of things happening at the same time, i didnt thought any trip was gonna happen. but i guess we both needed a getaway. and LVDV is full of surprises. well, surprises for me at least. heh.

ada plak tiket basnya. haha. sebat midnight punya trip. it was 2pm, we havent pack anything yet n byk benda nak settlekan before leaving. giler macam amazing race tetiba. i kagum dengan diri sendiri, mampu packing baju secukupnya muat backpack kecik cinonet. downsize bukan stakat pieces of baju ...dengan pieces of make-up items skali tau! challenging betol laa..haha. i said sorry to the brushes that left behind. -.-"

pit-stop at #soulsistah's place antar Betty Bolt (my rabbit) n anak2 ...and one last round of her "i-still-cant-believe-ure-backpacking" laugh in my face. siap cakap good luck. hampeh. Effy and Ameer dropped us at Perhentian Jalan Duta again and off we go heading north to Kuala Perlis. LVDV blom kuar KLdia dah doze-off to lala land...leaving me mengadap phone main game Kim K, blogwalking, facebooking, menceceh kat twitter then sambung game Candy Crush, then Pet Saga Rescue then Malificent then battery tinggal 10%. blom sampai Ipoh pon yet! hoh! while searching for the powerbank, my phone slipped-off and slided pergi ke bawah seat orang depan. who was by the way holding a 3mths old baby yang tengah tido. there's no way for me nak tonggeng amik the phone since it was really sempit and almost everyone was sleeping so.....duduk diam2 kau kat situ nyanyi dalam hati sampai tertido sendiri. padan muka.

did i mention bas tu lambat from scheduled? yes it was. and therefore we sampai Kuala Perlis lambat jugak. missed the first ferry to Langkawi and obviously missed the 9.30am boat to Koh Lipe by 10mins. next ride was at 2.30pm. demmitz! originally, we wanted to go to Koh Tao. so bila pegi tanya orang kat kaunter tiket tu he said "bole...bole...amik ferry pergi pak-bara...bla bla bla bla..sampai Koh Tao esok pagi pukul 5am" WHAT THE?!?!?!? rupa-rupanya that island is on the other side of Thailand. bhahahahahahaha. geografi fail. *tepukdahi* next time je laaa...we'll stick to Lipe je for now. we basically just hang around the jetty laaa... had coffee, pergi makan, pusing2 jalan kaki, tengok orang, makan eskrem, tengok barang, tengok orang lagi..last2 cari port plug sebab nak charge tepon n whatsapped with #gengpixies until it was time to leave.

Koh Lipe was...........pretty!!!!
pretty macam pompuan cantik with perfect make-up and bulu mata palsu semua bagai wearing red lipstick. pretty daripada pepagi subuh sampai la ke sunset. she's like a petite awek cuns. gituh!

immigration took like 5mins. then in the spirit of backpackers-style we decided to scout for hotels by feet. eksyen kau...konon tak nak naik tut-tut. ada ramai je yang panggil2 dekat area immigration tadi. got ourselves the islands map and walk. i had my heart on this hotel called Pitiusas. it was located on the Sunset Beach punya side. tengok dalam map macam dekat ...so jalan laaa...crossed over Pattaya Beach, masuk resort tu kuar resort nie lalu celah hutan....jauh rupanya. mencungap dah aku. the place was the second last resort on the beach so u can imagine how terceruk it is right? plus....ada a bit bukit to climb before the entrance. watch my semput video in keek. i was catching my breath! as lovely as it was.....like i imagined it would be with the patio n all, it was fully booked! uwaaaaaa!!! rasa tak guna nak frust tonggeng, we headed back to Pattaya Beach and settled-in Moonlight Bungalow. murah pon murah and easy access to Lipe Walk. didnt walk this time, asked Pitiusas to call tut-tut. kaki i ols dah nak tercabut! LOL!

if you search kat IG rata2 eone will letak a sunset picture of Koh Lipe. memang laaa...patot. sebabnya it's subhanaAllah punya lah cantik ya ampun. blessed i had the chance to witness it. pulau cantik, sunset cantik...sunrise je tak sempat nak snap. next time maybe. 

Next day, snorkeling time! everyone knows i ols penakut laut. but after this trip, not so much! tour guide kitaorang nama dia Won. best giler mamat nie. he's only 20yrs old and speaks a bit of melayu so it was easy breezy snorkeling with him. LVDV gave him heads up im not a sea lover. so he offer diri jadi i punya driver while snorkeling! hahahaha. equipped me with the goggles and life jacket and what not, next thing he did was pakai his duck feet thingy tu and campak pelampung speedboat  tu dalam air. yeay!!! keje i ala2 macam snorkeling tapi padahal berpaut  kat pelampung oren tu ...Won will lead the pelampung and i will just follow sambil ber-video dalam air. (all uploaded in my keek account: peluvtanya). LVDV follows me at the back merangkap bodyguard. kelas kau ada bodyguard kat tengah2 laut...u know, just in case a school of fish attacks me. hah! talking about fishes, while speedboading from one island to another we saw flying ikan todaks! sooooooooo cool! there was 5 of us in the boat, all 5 got excited siap tepuk tangan bagai. hahaha. in total we went to like 5 spots of snorkeling sampai rasa nak muntah balik air laut pon ada...penat giler! who said berpaut kat pelampung is not tiring huh? 

We were suppose to head back on the third day but it seems we couldnt get enough of Lipe...so we stayed another day. explored the rest of the island..this time pegi jalan ke Sunrise Beach pulak. just had to check-out our April stay with #gengpixies. the beach on this side of the island is way prettier than Pattaya Beach. even the ombak laut lagi kuat...instagram worthy beach i tell u. the whole day all we did was just chill and relax. enjoying each others company. spent some quality time by the beach over thai coffee. such bliss! alhamdulillah! LVDV was the one who needed this moment the most since work was such a pain in the neck for the past few months. last night out, we both had a session of foot massage. best giler. i ols gelak terbahak giler. geli dowh.

Food on the island was slightly expensive but then again so worth it. seafood especially. we had one of the best ikan jenahak masak stim during dinner. giant kerang bakar and  grilled sotong. yummms!!! most of the makan place was halal so that's not much of a worry.

Cuma satu hal je yang tak best about Koh Lipe...they have too many stray dogs. *sigh* im like going thru fear factor challenge everytime i walk on the beach. they are everywhere!! bole kira dengan jari brapa ekor kucing is around...hanjingnya, banyak giler! masa baru2 sampai i had mini heart attacks bila terserempak ngan anjing. LVDV sampai ada skill on how-to-distract-me from the dogs. hahaha. i remember while having dinner on thr first night, a dog just walked by the table. berjalan-jalan plak kau dalam restoran! *tepukdahi* nasib tak tersembur tomyam aku. -.-" and there was this one time, LVDV mandi laut. i didnt want to cause konon nak jaga beg by the beach. while enjoying sunset that evening 100meters away ada 2 or 3 dogs playing. tetiba, tahu2 je i was already halfway in the laut without the bag yg konon aku nak jaga tu sebabnya the dogs came nearer. bangang...ingat anjing tak bole berenang datang kat kau? LVDV LOL-ed me. hoh. tapi kan...they're definitely good dogs la sebenarnya.  tak kacau orang pon.  dia duduk or sleep by the beach. some were attention seekers at Lipe Walk but only mat salleh gave them attentions. i just walk by refusing eye-contact.

overall, we'll be back. definitely. i think im up for it this backpackers style. looking forward to more places in the future. Koh Tao n Koh Samui...soon maybe?!? what say you LVDV? hehe..btw, thank u for the memories Koh Lipe. we return in April with #gengpixies...already counting days! *winks*