:: now i understand ::

" the true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back"...tis appeared on my insta TL. i would assume they are still immature and the only situation i would wanna understand is that they are bloody idiots.

u know how rumors travels fast?
not this time. it took a while. yet it was somehow meant to be. if it wasnt for LVDV i would've smack the shit out of them already. okay tipu, im not that brutally of a kak long kawasan type. haha. trust me, i never will be. but u get the idea of how mad i am right?

but the rumors did took place. and it hurt. scarred me quite deep cuma tinggal nak cry it out. but after  deep thoughts, that crying thing is not gonna happen just cause i have so much respect of my life right now. there's so many things happening at this moment...so many things to be thankful for...so many things to feel blessed for..and maybe just maybe, sakit hati yang satu nie is God's reminder for me to always keep my feet on the ground.

"be the better person babe.." my bestlovefriend would always remind me. and so i shall. sudahnya, me kurang marah now. i guess im okay. inshaAllah. now i understand.

it would be a pleasure to plot my revenge but im too old for that now. my time is very precious. i dont have the energy to hate people anymore. apalagi nak membalas apa kejadah. sudah-sudahlah, sedar diri. korang punya hatred is my blessings,..alhamdulillah.

to whom it may concern, ive stopped mendoakan yang terbaik. sebab takde benda baik yang datang from u ols pon. i now pray for your happiness. sebab i kesian.