:: i got married! ::

yuhuuuu...i got married!

my mom in particular is gonna freak out if she knew. tak pon she'll be like "apa laa u ni Nia"...but then benda nie small matter so takyah la bagitau mama ye tak? LVDV was like "u nie dah kenapa nak kawen2 bagai?" ...giler emo. bhahahaha.

i indeed have the tendency to get married secretly. but hello....baju kawen ropol2 je dah 9k takkan tak nak kepochi? hahahaha. and look at my hasben, cap ke blakang and sunglass kpop bro. btw, his name is Jordan.

LVDV selalu bising kalo amik pix i end up mata tutup. im naturally like dat. dalam game pon aku tutup mata. pffts! there you go people, got married in Florence. kelas kau jahh!

ini semua angkara soulsistah Shazna. she got me into this. now im hooked. so far attending photoshoots and fashion shows. skali-skala do appearance at parties. kemain lagi kan? i have a shop, a cat, an apartment and a grand house in Miami. gigih siot.

so far happily married. but i still go on dates with my hasben, si Jordan. oh well, after a couple of years i still even go on dates with LVDV. i still flirt tho (dalam game nie i mean..hoh) but that's just for fun and to get more gigs.

i know. i know. im very gegirl like that. i play Kim K's game n all. before that i was on My Little Pony punya game. angkara soulsistah jugak. i dunno la game apa pulak lepas nie dia nak recommend pastu i follow. hahaha. pengaruh kuat la u bebeh!

if anyone is playing the same game, add me up ok? kita bole photoshoot kat GLAMM sama2 for high-end cover photo. *winks*

will hapdate bila ku beranak plak nanti. kbye!