:: #moviereview Captain America ::

this movie was much awaited.and for that wait, i must say it was best giler. lagi best giler-giler if u watch it in 3D. lagi dan lagi best dan best giler-giler n super giler if u watch it kat IMAX. definitely we're gonna watch it again at IMAX, lvdv cakap.. dia kan Marvel fanatic. :)

starting movie was a bit slow cause Steve a.k.a Captain America was doing his normal jogs. but the moment dia stop lari...i was like..."hish badan kauuuuu" ...berkepak tau! Damn fineeee...but that is not the review. itu point of view. Hehe..

comparing to the first movie, this was definitely an awesome sequel. Notice the penggunaan best n giler earlier? Yups...worth a thumbs up. Jalan cerita biasa la cliche a bit, superhero stuffs...but cliche with a twist! 

they had some additional characters Black Widow n Falcon but nothing beats the super-mysterious Winter Soldier. he doesnt come out all the time but when he does, ull be like..."giler siot dia nie" ...sebabnya awesome dia macam almost sama level ngan Steve. Like seriously, no one catches Captain America's shield like a frisbee?!?!?! Well, no one except Winter Soldier! Duhhh! 

while lvdv was excited seeing Hill, Fury's assistant, i on the other hand was super excited when i saw Steve's neighbour. I loved her in Revenge (tengok tak series nie?) and oh-so love her in Captain America too!! Was waiting for Steve to make his moves on her but that didnt happened. Hoh! 

im not gonna tell u the best part of the movie...i almost cried u know...*sniffs,sniffs*...but im gonna tell u to sit down n wait til ending credit part 1 cause ada extra scene. then please still remain seated through-out ending credit part 2 sebab ada lagi scene after that. Marvel kan...they always give u hints for the next movie. lvdv saw the word Avengers and got all excited all over again. -.-" 

enjoy the movie u ols!