:: #moviereview Guardian of the Galaxy ::

im sorry. i almost forgot i had a blog til the other day in the cinema hall LVDV turned and said ...

LVDV - "eh..u lama tak buat movie review kat blog u eh? napa?"

...krik krik....*thinking* ..i replied to my defense..

Me - "haah kann..sebab citer sumer tak best kot...or i tak suka" *phew!*

LVDV - "tapi dulu citer best ke tak best ke ..suka ke tak ke u tulis je review?"

....siot. terus menjawab..

Me - " ermm..kan. tapi citer2 yg lately ni o siap tetido so meaning i x suka. so tak paham jalan cerita"

nampak tak gigih coverline. it bothered me somehow...macam rasa bersalah dekat blog sendiri. and therefore, hello everyone jom kita review citer Guardian of the Galaxy. heh.

in case u dont know, this is a Marvel movie. obviously expect ohsem. on a general level i would say...best. on a personal level i would say...best la jugak not bad.

the story is about how orang jahat boleh jadi orang baik secara tak sengaja. it's an A to Z action packed movie so sila pergi toilet before movie starts.

galaxy characters...i am very sure everyone is gonna love Groot. sebab dia paling ohsem and paling senang nak paham cause all of his scenes he has the simplest dialog to say "im Groot" ..make sure u stay til end to jumpe Groot junior yang tersangat lah comel and groovy. hehehe..

then we have Gambora played by Zoe Saldana. she was blue before but now she's green. like shrek's princess fiona punya greenish who lost a lot of weight. she's the only aweks cun in the movie pon...ada la aweks lain tapi dia je yang siuman. yg lain all..crazy tak bertempat. she has a baby sis yang berkaler biru and menggelabah ull feel like giving her a slap! oh wait..that's just me. -.-"

tis guy...i mean binatang Racoon called Rocket is one animal who menceceh je all the time. he talks a lot n genius in fixing stuffs. who can escape from prison 22times? he can.

and main character is Peter...a.k.a Star-Lord. he doesnt have perfect skills but he listens to incredable awesome songs on his walkman. i definitely want that mixtape playlist. best giler kot...well, old school but still super awesome kot.

overall...it's entertaining. still not sure if it is categorised under superheroes but in a way kinda heroic la jugak. they saved a whole planet..if u know what i mean. there are other characters yang familiar to see if ure a Marvel fan. i had infos from LVDV. hehehe..

btw, just so u know, we watched this on the 3rd day of Raya. try to spot the happy faces! ngeee!!