:: mom's day with Cakra ::

when a guy, talks about his mother n felt sebak n shed a tear, now that is worth my bergenang airmata too. in other words, he is super sweet n im super kememe actually. hahaha..am talking about Cakra Khan. on stage last week he was telling us about how he wanted to bring his mom along but she couldnt make it..terus dia macam nangis. sobs!sobs!

Cakra Khan had his album launching recently at HRC and EraFM was such a genius celebrate sekali in advance Mom's Day. so winners could bring their mom along and Cakra would serenade the mommies singing everyones favorite Mama song. how ohsem is that? and yes..the mothers who came were really extra excited on stage. hahaha..and was good since Cakra was really attentive and the mommies were all such a good sport!

a couple of nights before the actual launching, Cakra had a #goshow session at Bora Ombak. naik stage , sang 3 songs n balik. nak tengok the exclusive video kene check it out at EraFM's website. kalau nak tengok the 30seconds sneak peak can watch it in my Keek. macam biasa. hehe.

such a humble guy, we had a 20mins ngedate session with him d next day before his show in RTM. nampak tak gigih sebab tak sempat langsung snap pics on launching day. obviously not me. lvdv n bff dia tis time. but i got my CD autographed by him! yeay! many thanx to Kak Farina n Bob.