:: krabi with a purpose ::

If i took a later time to blog about this pretty sure this is gonna be under the #throwback segment. Hehehe..last week was crazy busy. This week harapnya everything is as planned. InshaAllah.
So ceritanya ke Krabi was to surprisekan bakal pengantin sorang nie, si Zuzu. She's getting married next month...so dia n d other gals had planned for an all-girls getaway...which was perfect for a bachelorette moment! Lama giler plan undercover pasal hal nie...LVDV came up with the idea of wanting to surprisekan Zuzu. After all itu kan bestfriend dia...i can never simpan such a long rahsia from my bff i think. This one took months okay!

Since LVDV punya work schedule is as crazy, we had no other choice but to find time to accomodate the dates they've already booked. Last2 we could only join them for just a day but the pre-excitement of surprising Zuzu was more than a day i tell u. Dah beli ticket flights, kene duduk diam2 ..no sharing in fb, no tweeting, no instagram-ing! One after another... flights, hotel, activities all was set and waiting for the date.

We flew in a few days earlier for our #miniHM enjoying Krabi who welcomed us with hujan lebat. Sabar je laaa...Zuzu at that time was already on her way to KL. bila dia on the road i totally forgot yang cik kak nie memang rajin ber-online. Time nie la baru nampak her tweets and check-ins. Tak pasal2 pagi2 boleh pulak dia tweet tanya "packing nak pergi mana?" ...hambek kau. menggelabah nak reply. i answered differently from LVDV. nasib baik dapat coverline balik. phew!

Krabi was.....intimate. hahahahahaha...not that kind of intimate ure thinking of ya! intimate dalam konteks post nie is #berdualebihbaik. Siap hashtag. Kelas kau! Ke mana2 memang berdua. Memang sesuai untuk quality time and goofing around and makan segala benda yang teringin. Not to mention, jalan-jalan sampai kedai all tutup and there were no tuk-tuk around to get us back to hotel. Lembik kaki. Hashtag baru, #berduabersatu ...kahkahkah!!

I did a couple first timers masa kat Krabi. 1st was urut kaki. First day jalan2 at Ao Nang town, we found a spot yang ohsem called Kaohom. Found means we got attracted with the price yang murah giler 200baht per hour and attracted with the marketing person, aweks LadyBoy yg sgt persistent. Kau paham ke kau tak paham ke dia menceceh sampai ke sudah. I am only normal with body massage...foot massage, i abnormal. The whole time aku gelak mengekek i swear couple mat salleh in front of us took a video of me. hahahaha...even akak yang urut me also gelak when i gelak. How can u people not gelak? Geli geleman sehhh...LVDV scolded me after a while..katanya i killed mood dia nak tido. Tak paham aku...tido camner when someone tekan2 kaki ngan kayu?!?!? But the shoulder massage was really good. Eased some urat2 bahu yang sangat stiff nie.

Then the 2nd first timer i did was....snorkeling!! My definition of snorkeling sebelum nie is berdiri in the water and tunduk face down to see the fishes. Hair perfectly still kering. But this time teman LVDV punya pasal masa island hopping, aku siap lompat masuk laut from the boat okay! As much as im proud with myself, the moment i reached into the laut ada aunty cina nie terjerit-jerit dari atas boat, "amoiiii...amoiiii...kepala...itu kepala..." ...took me a while to paham rupanya the goggle from my kepala tercampak masuk laut!!! turned around to save it but it was too late...tenggelam dah. Tenggelam masuk swimming pool i might gigih la jugak but tenggelam dalam laut...im sorry, goodbye la jawabnya. Haihhh...things i do for love. Eh? it was nothing much to see since visibility was keruh..but i think i saw a few ikan bilis...weehoo! 5minit pertama all i did was hissing at LVDV asking kenapa la i asyik tertelan air laut nie?!? saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukkan...patotnya. LVDV was more like i salah, dia gelakkan. Pffts.

The day we join the gals, we naik a daddy elephant named Poody, berendam in the Hot Spring small pond and swam in the Emerald pool. By the time we reached the Tiger Cave Temple i was already lemau n tired and hungry. Other reasons i avoided jalan2 was because there were too many hanjingsssssss.....one came near me n all i wanted to do is to panjat on top of the van nearby. Stress aku.

All in all, i think it was a pretty good short trip. Remember the bachelorette idea? Well, that never happenend when we were there....sia2 bawak pajamas bagai kononnya. It's either the gals lupa or they malu with LVDV or they just didnt wanted us to join. A bit sad (and pissed) since that was the main purpose for the trip pon...pergi sebab nak celebrate bride-to-be. Should've went out mengopi with Zuzu instead jer kann..demms! Apa2 pon mission accomplished..and for that Alhamdulillah. hope u were surprised Zuzu!!