:: my 1000th ::

90 weeks ago. i signed up.
90 weeks later, i somehow reached my 999th post. giler siot. i mean for orang lain tak giler sangat la but for me, giler siot. and selama ive been posting, ive never deleted not even one post BUT someone did deleted 1 post before FOR me..no wait, for diri sendiri n kawannya juga mungkin. tapi takpe la..post yang itu i redha.

my posts are not for suka2. my posts are not for people...okay, maybe yang ada #mohonterasa or #towhomitmayconcern is. it's mainly for me. for me to remember my moments in life. to remember my feelings on that day. that is why it's only 1 post a day...and if it's more than 1 pretty sure the other fews are to complete the storyline of the day.

pernah ada yang request for me to delete my old posts. as much as i wanna respect that request, unfortunately i wont. partly sebab im one hell of a degil person so i refuse. and another part is because those are my pictures taken with my camera, so dont u think that request is a bit disrespectful to me? it's not about holding on to the past, it's about me cherishing memories. things i keep to myself for MY memory lane. u see, i dont do stuffs like "eh ingat tak time kita pergi...bla bla bla..." jarang sekali i look back n repeat cerita sampai basi. i cherish the moments. that's important to me. i do throwbacks but only on thursdays. hari lain, ngak ada. lvdv promised and proposed me with new memories and so far 16GB is not enough!

if ure my follower, it's usually a rotation of people in my life, lvdv, ohanas, gbs-keramat, friendships, food, #aotd, my kintys n those adorable toddlers yg bukan my kids in my instagram. once in a while, i selfie or have scenery posts whenever i travel and birthday wishes for those close to heart. ..not to forget im a sucker for quotes (daily status posts on fb if u noticed) so yeah...skali skala sumbat post quotes yang ala sapa makan cili dia rasa pedas or yang suam2 kuku sarcastic tempias siap hashtag or yang loving habis ala2 cintaku sampai ke ethopia.

i tried for a while to private my insta but it was no fun so nowadays i private ke tak ikot mood. hahahaha...bole ke macam tu? i know who my stalkers are..so bila i post yet they reply kat their own insta or they tweet siap ada hashtag bagai, i get curious. i also know who my copycats are...at first i was damn furious but after a while, im beyond flattered. if u ols needs a manual on 'how-to-be-Nia-101' please dont hesitate to buzz me via whatsapp. pffts!

and after kegigihan memuatkan all pictures (mekasih photogrid), im dedicating my 1000th post as a tribute it to my 999th other posts. im a happy luvtanya!