:: #moviereview Sabotage ::

my 1st advice about watching this movie is  please make it your last choice. my 2nd advice is make sure korang cukup tido to watch it. final advice, janganlah makan sambil menonton, you'll end up like me, makan tak abis.

i wouldnt say citer nie tak best but i think it was a bit too slow. draggy a bit and too slow. it's everywhere here n there and too slow. u get me right?

it's about a team of DEA, headed by Breacher (Arnold Schwazenegger) who screwed up big time during a drug raid. they lost (or rather like stole) 10mil during the operation. 6 months down the road, Breacher had to do office chores while the case was under investigation. obviously authorities cannot do anything and they were back on the job. after a while, one by one of the team members were killed brutally.

and when i say brutally...you'll be seeing kepala pecah, body parts everywhere, isi perut orang, direct straight tembak in the head, kelar leher, mayat kembong in the lake, mayat dalam peti ais and of course lots n lots n lots n lots of blood. puddles of blood. but on the other side of non-brutal, you'll see boobies. all same size boobies. and a few ass-es. i think it's suppose to help suppress the brutal killings. agaknya la.

jalan cerita takde la cliche sangat but the casts.....ermmm...could've been better. my pov. Breacher dah tua.....kannnn...(but he looked good...facelift kot) so he was a bit too slow for a medium-fast so-so movie. u get me? owh let me warn you, there's a kissing scene between Breacher and the lady-police. ku tak sanggup tengok so i was like "are u kidding me?!? ewww!"  in the hall. -________-"

half way movie i turned to LVDV, "nak balik tak?"....but then again tis is my review. u people might like it. go watch la k? it's out today at cinemas.

p/s: ill try my best to do reviews on every movie screening i go to. suka or not. dulu2 ill blog if i suka only. hahaha..pilih kasih sangat aku nie kan?