:: #moviereview The Other Women ::

the lawyer. the wife and the boobs.

now, there's Mark. who has a wife, Kate. who also has an exclusive girlfriend, Carly. who also has a super hot scandal, Amber. and when they meet one another, they became good friends. hence, good bye Mark sila pergi jahanam.

throughout the movie all i could think of was...perempuan tetap perempuan. macamana sakit hati or keras hati or malas nak layan or meroyan or menyampah or meluat or copycat nak mampos or benci sangat or semua yang sama waktu dengannya...we still end up caring for each other. at the end of the day, sedar ke tak sedar, we actually forgive.

ladies please go watch it with ur besties. have a girls day out n include this chick-flick in. watch it with ur man if u wanna drop him some hints of 'tis-is-what-u-get-if-you-betray-me' kinda thing. nasty ending i tell you.

guys, if you intend to stare at some real boobies size D or drool over Nicki Minaj's nice trunk, tag a few friends along n leave girlfriends at home. if she's there with you, staring would be so rude but looking and laughing at the same time would somewhat do the trick of 'coverline' ..teeheehee. if you are currently having a few relationships at once, go watch alone. tis is mati-aku-kantoi movie for you dude.

watching it again soon laa.. just cause Kate reminds me of bestfriend, Sue. hehe.. :p

have fun watching peeps!