:: #moviereview Brick Mansions ::

oh no..i think i missed a couple of weeks punya review...terlupa (with a dash of malas) tapi takpe bila rajin nanti ill just do some write up ok?

so tis week, Brick Mansions is out. clearly everyone yang datang to watch this movie is watching sebab Paul Walker. i am one of those people. semata. pastu bila mamat tu keluar kat screen..sebak! sobs..sobs..

storyline...not bad. start2 citer je ull be impressed by those 'pakour moves' by Lino. dia 2nd hero dalam citer nie. quite smooth lompat sana lompat sini macam main video game. hehe..somehow reminds me of a the movie step up n divergent combined.

like any other action movies, ada good guys and ada bad guys and ada the lagi badder guys. ada one hot chick yang pretty giler n one sexy chick yang suam2 kuku. of course, kawan2 lain yang ramai tak semena-mena.

Brick Mansions is actually a no-go area for rakyat jelata. it's an area where gangsters n mobs n drug dealers n mereka yang sama waktu dengannya berhabitat. none of the rich n famous dares to step in the area. polis paling tak pergi area tu. kalau dalam movies magic2 it's almost like the forbidden forest. gituhhh!

Paul Walker is an undercover cop. a very good n handsome undercover cop. as predicted, he had to enter Brick Mansions with a mission, to disarmed a bomb. from there the truth unveils. sila pergi tengok if nak tahu wat happened. nanti hilang thrill kalau citer sampai ending.

clear enuff nothing beats his car racing actions in fast n furious but as his last movie puas hati tengok him berkali-kali. before end credit ada a moment of silence for him n that was sad. *bergenang airmata*

kalau tak nak nanges buy extra food like me. mengunyah segala macam sampai abis movie. btw, it's the only movie yang ada scene gengster most wanted-nya masak kari mak dia kat dapur island tengah2 living room. kau hado? bhahaha..enjoy peeps!