:: #moviereview The Amazing Spiderman 2 ::

i think, superhero yang paling kememe skali so far would definitely be Spiderman. watching the movie screening yesterday adalah dalam 5x kot dia sedih and cried. ye lahhh..dengan nak lawan villains lagi...and nak kesian dekat aunty dia lagi...and teringat pasal parents dia mati lagi...and broke up with Gwen and she had to move to England lagikkk...and then si Gwen....eh, too much info. stress giler jadi Spidey no wonder la dia tak membesar. tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang agaknya kan?

but personally for me, watching Spidey this time macam takde 'ummpphhh' ...i expected something more. something more....exciting. thrilling. nerve-wrecking. something yang would make go 'NOOOOoooooOOOoooo!!!!' ..the only adrenaline rush i had was following him main lompat sana sini within the buildings. that was fun. macam naik flying fox yang terhoyong-hayang. this time macam takde climax. maybe cause it was mostly predictable. *mata kuyu*

but thumbs up to Electro. Jamie Foxx played this character so well. i almost didnt recognised him. i mean, i wasnt sure if he became a mutant or he had super powers or he was just cursed. bad things does happen to good people. hmmm...and not to forget Harry. Peter Parker's bestfriend. lama x jumpe pon still anggap bestfriend kau si Peter nie. bagus betol...but like any other friendship yang kawan acuh tak acuh..over small matter (a.k.a Harry wants Spiderman's blood) friendship masuk longkang. btw Harry u need to change your hairstyle please...it's so...Nick Carter BSB u know. heh.

nak tahu citer kelakar? like any other Marvel movie..we waited sampai end credit. actually 3/4 of d hall waited until the end of the end of the end of the end credit. gigih kannnnnn....for those watching soon, no harm waiting till the end credit. ada lagu Alicia Keys yang best. And that's about it. gigih kannnnnn.....bhahahaha!

sapa tahu dalam comic nama girlfriend Spiderman apa? it wasnt Gwen Stacy right? *curious*