:: i will survive ::

sometimes u wonder, how friendship works over the years. between me n Annie n Acha, above picture explains how. they're just like family. that's why our bonding are like sisters. that's why they are my giloss-people. 

who in the world would check status catu air for u pukul 1.36am? Annie would. i didnt ask her to. she just did. and informed us right away. sorry for the bodoh line..hormones pompuan tgh emosi kan..hahaha. masa the whole catu air started, she posted the listing on our fb. cray-cray right? But i guess that's how we show love n care to each other. 

i dont get to see these too as often as i want to. masing2 dgn life sendiri. masing2 busy dgn anak2 (annie has a boy, acha 2 girls n 1 boy n 1 in d oven, me ada 6 cats, 1 hedgehog n 1 baby bunny..nampak x busy giler kat situ?) masing2 ada 24hrs in a day. but we've been in each other lives without fail for the past 18yrs. i have no idea how i survived them. serious. 

who in the world would think Amber Heard is adik to Amber Chia? Acha would. she got pissed Johnny Depp got engaged. i still gelak guling2 looking back at that conversation. sengal giler. check my instagram kalau nak join gelak terbahak. LOL. 

just like family we buzz each other at any time of the day.  sometimes right after subuh, sometimes  before mandi, sometimes tengah pagi buta when eone is asleep. bebila teragak je la! and topics can be  about almost anything including catuan air. 

u know those friends that ur parents warned about when u were in high-school? yup. for me, it was them. but they are the same friends that gives me strenght n support n never left my side, masa susah n senang, masa gelak n nanges, masa ada n takde. the same friends who includes me in their doa's...and for that, i thanked u gals for being in my life. 

ill try to survive another 18yrs.