:: #moviereview Divergent ::

i just knew, direct translation to the word Divergent is 'mencapah' it BM. that's d first thing you'll notice masa starting of the movie. hahaha..well okay let's see apa yang dicapahkan..huhu

this movie is almost but not quiet the same as Hunger Games. someone told me it's a trilogy therefore nie kira 1st part and i think if u dont watch this one u will not understand the sequels kot..sebab part 1 nie explains apa itu mencapah..hahaha..ok ok that sounded weird..definition of Divergent tu apa.

so in this particular world where everyone lives in Chicago, they are separated into 5 fractions; Amity, Candor, Abnegtion, Dauntless and Erudite. Each puak has their own ciri2 , own ketua, own jobs, own strenght and own weaknesses. at a certain point of teenage life, you are required to undergo a test which helps you to define your own self and to which puak are you most belonged to. But despite the results of the test, you are still entitle to self-choose which fraction u wanna be apart. semuaorang have to be in a certain puak cause if you are fraction-less u are considered sampah masyarakat la gitu...

main characters are Tris & Four ..just so u know my eyes sparkles everytime i write Four. bhahaha..and i think Sandra is also smiling everytime she reads the word Four..hahaha..i tell u mamat ni handsome giler..im warning u girls, get ready to be angau of him! like seriously...gorjesssss! i melted a bit through-out the movie. no kidding. lepas movie pon me and Sandra tak abis2 describing his handsome-ness. Sampai kene tinggal ngan Wan n LVDV sebab xlarat nak layan kitaorang. *sengih* oh wait, there's also Kate Winslet, she aged gracefully i think..even with wrinkles.

well, expect actions n lawan2 scene (like omg dat hurts!ouch!) and fun and an awesome flying fox scene...and a lil bit of love story yang acuh tak acuh in between. One obvious lesson learned from this movie is that LOVE heals. heals better with Four of course!! hahaha..saya kasi 4 stars!! Hehe..okay gediks. Lol.

Selamat menonton! (and berangan girls!)