:: hi singapore! ::

Universal Studios Singapore was never on my #wishlist but since lil sis Mira wanted to go (again) so we thought why not just for her birthday treat this year. and since the bf tagged along and we discovered his b'day was in march as well so...double celebration la!

i havent been to Singapore for ages. and by ages, it was in 1992. Singapore was my last trip with arwah atuk we went to Pulau Sentosa ( that was new kot masa tu ) and d year after that he passed away. i wore a yellow tshirt and green 3/4 tights pants n rambut no-rebonding. thank God no fashion police arrested me. what was i thinking! hoh!

so 22yrs fast forward...i still wore a 3/4 tights pants to Singapore. hahahaha..i just realised after dah balik JB. suratan atau kebetulan atau kebongokans. hahaha..or maybe it was just my style in Singapore. lmao.

as usual, trip started early morning after breakfast but we sampai USS nearly almost noon. as usual, i do things that i don't do (anymore) in my own country like walking and taking buses. i wore K-Mart sneakers which are not mine...and i read maps. tourist sangat kan? hahaha.. we took a bus from Larkin, rat-raced thru immigration and took MRT to USS. nasib baik semua sihat n fit so jalan pon laju2 kemain pastu haus tak hengat.

6 hours dalam USS we naik almost all rides. kiddy rides pon we bedal. it is a theme park so who cares! had lunch and sambung main rides lagi sampai tutup. since it was a Thursday, naik rides adalah heaven cause no waiting line! i took pictures of almost everything including the rest room signs. other pictures were LVDV posing here and there...and a few of us. nothing cliche. saya tak suka.

i was impressed LVDV overcame dia punya fear factor of not going on a roller coaster! i truly don't know if dia naik semata sebab me or sebab suddenly ter-berani but yang penting, mission accomplished! hahaha...expression muka memang terbaik during those snap shots!! im so proud and touched! ;')

abis USS we sambung fun at the Song of the Sea show at the beach area in Sentosa Resort...and after that we took MRT to Marina Bay Sands. where we practically lay down at the jetty area for a bit while. and then it was 11pm-ish kelam kabut baru nak cari jalan kuar from Singapore. bengongs.

all in all it was such a fun trip. no more sesat after this. (nampak tak ayat akan return back soon...hehe) there were reasons i didn't wanna go at first but i aim to replace memories and i guess i did quite a good job. *winks*  thank you kamoo...and Happy Birthday Mira & Eit!

p/s: videos all are in my keek!