:: cinta dalam hati ::

first date. first karoks. first song. okay, not the first concert but at least Ungu sang liveeeeeeee....fall in love all over again. *gedebuk!* Pasha was such a cute permandangan i barely took my eyes off him. kadang-kadang in between songs, i forgot LVDV kat sebelah for about 10seconds sebab was sooo into him. hahaha... eh, that's not me being fanatic. just being homaii-comeynya-ko-pasha-oiiiii ....*sengih*

im a sucker for love songs. and mostly Ungu punya love songs are about patah hati and break-ups and cinta tak kesampaian and what not, but i dont care cause i sing them like im in love. totally the opposite. remember their song tajuk Sayang? that's entirely about the guy wanting to break-up with the girlfriend dengan cara sopan...and suppose to be sedih right? but when i sing (mostly in the car while driving alone), jadi lagu jom-break-tapi-u-still-have-to-love-me-no-matter-what. gilerrrrr takkkk kau nieeee...tapi tu contoh je la. not my favorite pon. why would anyone think lagu mintak break is a sweet thing? gilo mu.

walaupon macam frust skit sebab bukan Pasha yang nyanyi lagu CDH tu that night tapi takpe la...guitarist Ungu pon bole laaa..asalkan nyanyi, im happy and tak lama lepas tu kitaorang pon chow! hahaha.. nak view Pasha can visit my keek @peluvtanya ...walaupon keek dah tak trending nowadays, pedulik apa. dah register apa bagai might as well make use of it kan? 

thank you LVDV for this moment. i heart you rindu!