:: whatever ::

oh my february...
there's something about this month that i have a "love and hate collides" thingy. macam-macam discoveries and stories and nonsense and im at a stage where the term 'whatever' starts with a capital W.

my hate is keeping me low key. keeping my circle small. the smallest to the extend nowadays i pick and choose whom to meet up with. faktor umur probably..haha. but really, lately, weekends are usually only with LVDV or families. i have tons of pending coffee sessions. gotta make time for those...probably next month. bulan nie im that blunt in blurting my words so let's just keep it simple and tak yah semak kepala otak.

business is growing...alhamdulillah. im thankful. currently still searching for its momentum but i think so far i can manage. being my own boss is pretty much memenatkan but the satisfaction i get is rewarding. im so glad i get to help people and their thank yous are my motivation.

my love this month is......a new discovery. honestly, im scared as hell but this is it. i foresee things more clearly now and to go through this i must be strong. tak tahu macamana nak express this feeling and mix emotions. no one to help me on this. im on my own. i talk to myself a lot...in my head. i should be talking to LVDV about this but hormones keep kicking my ass and that never happens. haiyohhhh...one day i will. when the time is right. inshaAllah.

whatever it is, i know life has been nothing but a blessing. a lot has changed in a year. A LOT! i have never imagined i will have this life before. the good the bad and the memories. terima kasih kamoo...and thank you God.