:: unplanned outings ::

now i totally understand why sometimes benda yang kita plan tak slalunya menjadi...rupanya when it's an unplanned thingy, at the end of the day memories turned out super awesome! i just had one last weekend. semua benda was a last minute plan. and it turned out wayyyyy okay than expected.

thanks to cuti CNY on friday, i had a good session with bestlovefriends yang susah sangat nak jumpe. everyone had a pasta lunch at my place then pergi melalak karaoke then sambung supper til late. i discovered a few new things during supper session which pretty much made me blush with pink cheeks. good talks i must say. thank you korang!

then on saturday...i had this session:

i bonded with nature. gituhhhh....until everyone yang berendam dalam sungai warned me about the stray dog. -_______-" dengan kadar segera aku masuk sungai jugak! ahahaha..bongoks punya anjing. this was entirely a family thingy. outing with my sibs and cosins at sg.congkak! just a short roadtrip outside from the city for a couple of hours was a feel good session. best!

and to end the unplanned outing...unplanned karaoke again!!! ahahaha... >.<

i should totally do this more often. unplanned vacay perhaps kan baby? ;P