:: reunions ::

you know what's fun having friendships yang bertahun-tahun n tahun-tahun?... reunions! just had two sessions last sunday.

it's one of the best feeling when u know you're catching up with those people who are close to heart..with whatever life stories they share, whom u havent met for months but still the bonding is like you've never been apart. starting off with "miyaaaa, bulatnya perut u! bersalin next week eh?" ..followed by "u wanna go back to Kuching alisa? but u just got hereee..whyyyy" and continues with "i will always remember what u say Tania, when it's the matter of the heart..." ..and over a lunch meals n cupcakes we covered quite a bunch of topics. with or without partners the conversation is never awkward. at all.

then later, when somehow somewhat a right moment comes along, whatsapp messages suddenly turns into "eh korang dinner umah la eh malam nie. i masak" ...session starts from 7pm to 1am. food, movie, camwhoring and kittens adopting... time flies when ure spending time with good company. eh jap..good crazies company. :p

next reunion im looking forward to is my 1992 bunch. i owe them my sambal udang petai since 2011. hahaha..lama giler. tapi janji mesti ditepati..inshaAllah soon. waiting for diva kirin punya timetable clear. he flies a lot sejak dua menjak nie laa..haih! af n didi n bestie Fizah is always je around town...pick a date people!

Owh, on a daily basis..i reunion everyday with my classmate from 1993. hahaha..loved & blessed indeed. tq kamoo! Okay that was random...Kbai!