:: #moviereview Saving Mr. Banks ::


if you dont know that term. go do yourself a favor and watch Mary Poppins before watching this. hehehe..

now, masa kecik2 dulu, who doesn't want a nanny who comes through your window? oh heck, masa dah besar nie kalo ada nanny datang tetiba pon sama je aku excited. but nowadays, through the door would be more nicer laa kan...

if ure expecting all songs and dancing and chirpy movie then don't watch. it's nothing like that cause it's a deep soul motivation movie. expect a lot of talking and plenty of imagining. if u love, Disney you'll love this movie and if u love Mary Poppins, you'll understand this movie even better. 

just so you know ada Collin Farrel dalam citer nie. it took me a while to recognize him. usually he's in all those lawan-lawan stuff but this time he is Ginty's dad. good looking as usual but mostly all the time drunk. just so you know jugak ada scene sedih in this movie. get ready a pack of tissues. if you're as sentimental as me, you will probably cry just like me...but im a sucker for weeping in movies. hero nangis, i nangis. heroin nangis, i nangis. mak dia nangis, i nangis. kalo citer scary, hantu tu nangis, i nangis jugak...so paham-paham je la my tahap kememe. but only in movies yaaaa...

i guess what i personally learn from watching Saving Mr. Banks is no matter how terrible a person is to you, never forget their good side. NEVER. choose happy moments. those are the times that really matters. 

tips: don't forget to wait til the end credit tauuuu... enjoy watching!