:: #moviereview Kami Histeria ::

excuse me. what's with the angkat kening? im a Malaysian...so yes, i support local movies as well okay? ...and i sing to their OST too just so u know :p

semalam pegi tengok screening Kami Histeria. memang agak histeria la jugak ohsemnya! ahahaha..gotta say this movie is pretty cool. bole la letak dalam kategori #mustwatch ...and probably bakal dalam kategori watch berkali-kali. sebab......it's fun!

if ure a penakut sila tengok ramai-ramai but hellooooo....Fazura jadi hantu kot. her face is so not scary la! she's in a super tight kebaya with really blood-red lipstick. black long hair. paku kat tengkok. tak scary lahhhh!!! u people who drools over her might suka bangat. and she sings this time. yups. sings. well...err, kinda sings.

jarang sebenarnya local movies buat comedy and scary yang menjadik but this one im giving 4 out of 5 stars. honestly it's a fun chick-flick. pelakon sumer sedap mata memandang..and jalan cerita sedap mata menonton. every character was well played and stood out individually. *clap*clap*clap*

this is not a musical but since Kami Histeria is an indie-girl band so...catchy songs are included as well. not to mentioned akan terus melekat dalam kepala hotak and tahu-tahu je you'll be like.."kamiiiiiii histeria.....kamiiiii histeria..." ..seriously. im talking from experience. okay...or maybe that's just me.

all in all...girls, go watch it with your bestfriends. perfect to-do-thingy for a girls-day-out...boys, go watch with your best-buddies too. sebab kalo pegi dengan girlfriend n korang drool over si hantu fazura kang ada plak yang merajukssssss....hahaha...

btw, it's out today. selamat menonton!