:: gigih ::

Nie namanya gigih.

one of my bestfriend, Annie posted this on facebook siap tag nama me n Acha. and it all started with a hi hello conversation in whatsapp which i dont know how it lead to issue Selangor takde air. then they both were blabbing about tengah basuh baju sebab takot takde air. one thing after another, Annie siap call Syabas to enquiry. owh wait, did i told you this conversation took place at about 1130ish pm?!?!

Sebab tu laa...gigih. hahahaha!

ive known them like forever. high-school besties. u know..those girlfriends whom parents tak bagi kawan sangat sebab masing2 mengajar yang bukan2 and ntah apa2...ajar sneak-out laa...ajar pegi dating laa..ajar ponteng skolah laa..dan lain2 yang sama waktu dengan-nya. now, they're the best souls i know...im glad we stayed friends through thick and thin. through singles and couples. through happy and sad. through weddings and divorcings. through laki dulu ke laki sekarang..hahahaha

and over the years, lepas dah beranak-pinak sumer (they have kids, i have kintys) ,  tahap gigih tetap sama. they are friends who turns into family. alhamdulillah...

btw, umah i still ada air. meh basuh baju kat sini gals.. :p