:: 14th ::

i said yes. tis date. a year ago. and from that day on, inseparable. head over heels and all those makan minum mandi tak basah tak kenyang crap. actually kan..to be exact before yes was 'alaaa...napa today?' boleh takkk aku niee..hahaha.
wasnt much becoz it was Vday ( n it wasnt me dia wish last year..choiii ) but bcos tis was d same date as my ex with dia punya ex. ha'ah pompuan memang complicated n tak tentu arah mengada. I know it has nothing to do with me pon but for the last 6yrs i avoided the date...

oh well..im a Gemini. I dont usually remember everything but if it matters, sampai mati pon maybe ill ingat. i said maybe. if it doesnt then pegi mams. u know?

i have a soft spot for memories. i somehow refuse to get rid of them. tak kira la memories best ke..tak best ke..syiok ke..macam haram ke..i just have tis lil library in my brain stuck with these junks. then again..memories that matters only. and did i tell u im a super-hype gal over making new ones? yes..me. for whatever kind i dont care.

so tis year memories for 14th is different...we had an overnight picnic with our crazee people!! haha...mainly ohanas n lafamilia. the ones we can be super weird and LOL with and still loves you d same. now thats love right?

there was us, food and a big pool of water...aktiviti utama berendam, makan, berendam, makan, makan, berendam, berendam, makan, berendam n tido. bangun ..makan, berendam, makan n balik. just a nice short getaway! and a perfect new 14th memory. one big happy family.. :)

from tis day onwards, come what may, i choose happiness over everything..tq love!