:: #moviereview Mandela - Long Walk To Freedom ::

before blogging jenguk jap my last post for movie review...it was 6mths ago n ada hati cakap nak catch up with the momentum...bhahahahaha kat diri sendiri. catch up la sgt..puiiihhh. i used to love writing reviews on movies and what happened la deyyy?!?!?! Tis year back again...i hope *crossing fingers*

first week of 2014..started off with movie screening Mandela. We lost him a while back and to watch his movie starting off the year is ...inspiring.

through out d movie all i could think of was...this man was a village boy out of nowhere yet one day he leads his own country. Ahhh-maaa-zingggg ...terus teringat soklan, what have you done for your country?
eone knows im a cendawan-kememe...i tend to cry in almost ALL movies yang ada scene sedih diikuti ngan lagu background menyayat hati...hahaha but tis one was different..i cried (of coz) with both hands holding tissues. BOTH! And it went all sappy all-together memikirkan the world just lost him a while ago. Huwaaaaa....

i not only watch d movie but sambil tengok sambil berpikir. bersyukurlah nak i was born in Malaysia, tanah air ku. the hardship of peoples life back then is unimaginable for me. and obviously besides that i went googoo-gaagaa over the fashionable wardrobe selection for the movie. berkali-kali suka some dresses worn by the mrs. i might just tempah one for my own collection..hehehe..sebab tersuka sangat!

tis movie ill give 5star laa..definitely a MUST WATCH..tak kira if u know who or dont know who is Mandela sekalipon. story line is filled with nothing but love and hope...for your country.pegi la tengok..serious tak rugi.