:: ive got u 2014 ::

it's true. no plans is the best plans of all. nampak tak ayat coverline kat situ? hahaha...yeah yeah..i had no ACTUAL plans for new year which ended up awesomely...at home.

hambik kauuu...officially a domestic goddess ive turned into kan? i refuse to mengaku it's a faktor umur thingy. kan orang cakap home is where the heart is...last year, i celebrated my bday at home, LVDV's bday pon at home and what is more ohsem to complete new year at home too right? and there was homecooked food...perfecto!

2013 in one word for me would probably be...balanced. i was sad then happy. i was hated then loved. i was scared then brave. i was confused then sure. i lost then gained. and eventho maybe i wish i couldve done some things differently..i accept that it was meant to be this way. i have no regrets.

there were times i worry what people would say and then there were moments i just went completely u-think-i-care attitude. there were also moments i wanna hear everything said and then sometimes i feel like shutting everyone off. crazy as it seems but it the end all is well. im still waras so far..hehe. 

i cannot please semuaorang. even those people yang very close to heart pon at one point or another will not understand what you yourself is going through. those yang advice you 'do what makes you happy babe' are actually those yang paling tak happy with your doings. senang cite pergi lantak kat situ..i know what I'm doing and I dont need anyone's approval pon. so sekian terima kasih...i appreciate d help which wasnt helping much at all. life must go on n it has. 

resolutions ..not gonna happen. but things I wanna do this year i ada a list of it. a week before new year I told LVDV my 3 main things I wanna make happen for 2014...and all I got was a 'seriously syg?' look. -__________-" thaaaaaaaaannnnxxxx sayanggggggggg!!! *shout* unrealistic as it sounds, I don't care. I'm still doing it..selagi mampu. LVDV has no choice but to support me on this. paksa-rela. Hahaha..

for us...more places to travel of coz!!! we've started a business together that both of us are super hyped about and so far coming into 2014 it's growing. alhamdulillah. It's time to visit places in our wishlist ....*winks*winks* creating new memories remember? And not to mention this year macam penuh events to attend too! i like! a damn good reason for me to do some shopping spree for both of us...hehehe. :p 

owh my dear 2014...whatever u have in store for me this year i am so ready. inshaAllah. eh..happy new year everybody!!! mwahssss!!!